Energy Efficient Control Systems

Have easy control of your home theater, media room, music, lighting, security system, climate, motorized drapery/shades, surveillance cameras, and your pool/spa with your new “smart house” technology or “systems integration.”

A single button pressed at night turns off the house lights, arms your security system and turns off all audio/video systems. This automated system coordinates between a home’s subsystems and aids in energy conservation.

We carefully select products that conserve energy and in addition employ automated control system technology to coordinate your home’s subsystems. These control

systems can help your home or business realize real-time energy savings.

Examples of energy-saving system integration:

  • Control systems will automatically dim or turn off the room’s lights if light from your windows meet your minimum illumination needs.
  • “Vacation” mode from your touchscreen remote control will automatically set back all thermostats to energy-conserving mode and automatically lower shades or close drapery in sunlit exposed rooms when the temperature rises to a predetermined temperature.

See our Energy Efficient Control Systems examples