Multi-Room Audio / Video

iSYS can provide you with easy control of your favorite music from any room in your home. Easy-to-use in-wall or portable remote controls allow simple access to iPods, music on your computer, music servers, XM, Sirius, streaming internet radio and broadcast radio.

You can easily navigate your music to choose your favorite station, artist, song or playlist.

iSYS can hide your Blu-Ray or DVD player, cable or satellite box and other supporting components in a separate mechanical room or closet that will centrally distribute both audio and video throughout your home.

All of your movies can be centrally stored with a media server system with each room in your home having its own unique movie feed playing simultaneously.

Most people like the electronics hidden from view and new speaker technology delivers ”invisible” speaker options with exceptional sound quality. Motorized lifts can reveal a hidden TV. One-way mirrors can conceal TVs in living rooms and bathrooms.

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